About Us

One-of-a-kind pieces and disco fashion is the heart of Revor Vintage. 

Vintage is dropped on the website on a weekly basis. 

What you’ll find is a good mix of everyday wear, sportswear, sequins, party pieces and a mint selection of Premium Gems that are those rare one-of-a-kind pieces for life. 

We have recently expanded into a new line of fashion by creating our very own collection – Revor Collection, where we have our very own Sequin Trophy Jacket Collection.

We love to take inspiration from our favourite Vintage pieces and brands, then recreate these in a true Revor Vintage style using sustainable fabrics. 

How it started

It started off after coming home from a festival in Romania in 2018, after discovering vintage clothing at an affordable budget. 

3 months later we booked a flight back to Romania with an empty suitcase to see what vintage we could find.
Fast forward to now, we are now sourcing one of a kind, mint quality vintage from around the world.

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